SAP Hybris FAQ's

Is it Scalable?
  • Hybris is spring JEE based platform and it is as scalable as any other java based platform.
  • Adding new cluster node is just a matter of starting a new Hybris instance with 3 property changes.
  • Hybris will automatically add that node in cluster. It has distributed cache per server and it's out of the box cache invalidation over UDP is very much efficient.

SAP Hybris FAQ's

Will it perform if we have over 1 million SKUs?

Yes, if you have used APIs, flexi search in a right way. If you have used pagination in your flexi search and converter caches than it will not matter how much SKUs you have.

Is it configurable or require deployment for all sort of changes?

Mostly configuration until you has not done your own customizations. Even you can expose your custom elements to hmc and from there you can also change your configuration on the fly.

How easy it is to migrate from existing Magento or custom ecommerce solution to Hybris platform?

It will depend but highly feasible. Their data import process is very much flexible. Once data mapping is done it is easy to migrate.

How secure it is?

Spring security is integrated OOB.

How frequent the do their releases?

They have pre-defined roadmap. Please refer wiki.hybris.com

What is the difference between PIM and PCM?

Consider them synonyms.

How easy to learn this?

Actually if you know spring and has concept of basic ecommerce than not much effort required to learn Hybris platform. You need to be familiar with impex and flexi search syntax but plenty of examples are available to learn this.

Do they have on Demand flavor also?

Yes, recently introduced as an offering.

Can we use Hybris for product enrichment also?

Yes, their PIM module is meant for this.

How you will compare this with ATG or WCS?

Very soon Hybris will be on top of these because of its simplicity.

Can we use this as a fully fledged content management solution?
  • No, if your site is very much specific to content management and you want to manage specific version of individual content than wcms is not the right solution for you.
  • Otherwise it has all features that are required for an ecommerce application.

How flexible promotion module is?

Lot many promotions are available out of the box and you can extend their framework very easily to introduce your custom promotion.

Please talk about search capabilities?

Google commerce search over cloud. What else I need to say. If GCS doesn’t suits to you then use SOLR as a free solution. It is available OOB.

What integration topologies it provides?

Whatever you want....pre-integrated ActiveMQ on tomcat is available for messaging. Restful web services frameworks are available OOB.

Does it have business processing capabilities also?

Yes, limited but you can define your workflows. Moreover you can modify your workflow decisions on the fly through hmc.
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