Features of SAP Hybris v5

SAP has released a new version of Hybris in March 2013. This announcement is limited with its features. Later it has revealed all its features with an official announcement by SAP Hybris version 5.0.1. Before that the release of SAP Hybris is very limited, that it doesn’t even say that it is a release at all, it just mentions some new features. This release is much more about internals being updated than about radically new features, although there are some new features in it. Some of them are as follows:
Features of SAP Hybris v5
First let us talk about its Architecture
  • It has a new cockpit framework (a cockpit is a small web application directed at a specific task).
    • Made up of widgets: multichannel screens that may user multiple datasources
    • Application Orchestrator: a graphical workflow tool to link widgets
  • Accelerators now have Addons: These are the extensions without modifying the accelerator codebase. They may also contain frontend functions.
  • Mobile SDK
    •  HTML5
    • Sample apps with  GPS, camera, QR-code scanning, NFC...
  • Graphical workflow preview
  • Media storage plugins + Cloud media support
  • Better caching (EhCache default)
  • Default lazy loading
  • Clustering without multicast
Order Management Services (OMS) cockpit
  • single inventory view (multi shop, multi shop)
  • sourcing and allocation
  • pick/pack/dispatch
  • expected for V5.1
    • return management
    • back orders

In Store module: module providing services in brick and mortar stores
  • QR code, barcode, NFC identification
  • show rich product info
  • access to stock and order management

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