SAP Hybris Data Hub

SAP Hybris allows exchanging data with its e-commerce platform using impex format up to now. For communicating with any other external data sources such as product, order, customer data etc. you should be adding a special ETL tool or you should write your own data converter. For getting rid with this problem, SAP Hybris new version 5.2 is introduced. This comes with a new feature called as Data Hub. This Data Hub performs synchronous import and export of data as provided by communicating systems. It can be installed on a system separate from the Hybris e-commerce system if desired.
SAP Hybris Data Hub

The Data Hub processes all data with a common strategy:
  • Data are communicated through a Spring integration channel called "Message or batch driven".
  • Data are stored in a raw (source) data model. This data model is a database where data are kept as CLOBs in schema-less XML-like records whose structure is close to the structure of the external source data. Note that only an integration key is mandatory for a record.
  • Data are transformed and stored Canonical model: an implementation neutral, logical business data model that contains the master data
  • Data model structure is defined in XML
  • Easy to query with little hybris knowledge
  • Specify data transformation process
    • dependencies (e.g. process categoy taxonomy before records)
    • m-n mapping of records using grouping handlers
    • Field mapping using composition rules
    • Spring Expression Language (SpEL) can be used for custom transformations.
  • Transform data to target system format and transfer them
    • The hybris commerce datahub adapter transforms the model to impex data an communicates it to the hybris commerce system.

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