Something about SAP Hybris

As we all know that SAP has bought the Hybris Company in the year of 2013. This Hybris is specially named for its e-commerce platform. Apart from that it is a complete multichannel e-commerce solution. It also supports the business within modules for product content, commerce operations, and extended channels for creating a customer experience from online, to in-store, to mobile and to beyond.
The Hybris has its own portfolio standpoint. The following are some key factors that explain about Hybris e-commerce suite.
Something about SAP Hybris

B2C commerce: These are the tools that are used for managing the customer shopping experience across various channels like PC, mobile, phone, tablet, phone call to call center, social network and in store location.
B2B commerce: This is a solution for interacting within B2B customers via online on web, on/offline on mobile while selling or buying.
Mobile commerce: This is a platform for commerce on mobile devices (smart phones and tablets).
In Store: This is a revealed solution for focusing on in store customer experience.
Master Data Management (MDM): MDM is the solution for master data shared across sales channels in a single centralized product view.
Product Content Management (PCM): PCM is a consolidation and centralization of products data and its attributes across all sales channels.

Order Orchestration: This is a solution for the order processing. It enables the order to be processed regardless of how order was entered or how product was bought.
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